MacBook Air 13 Elago Ultra Slim Hard Case

MacBook Air 13" Elago Ultra Slim Hard Case
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【MACBOOK DEDICATED HARD CASE】 With a thickness of 1mm, the Ultra Slim Case does not hinder the MacBook's unique design. Use your MacBook without worrying about shock or scratch damage.
【FULL PROTECTION】 Upper case completely covers the top of your MacBook, while the bottom case is equipped with non-slip pads; when put together the Ultra Slim Case protects all aspects of your MacBook.
【ORGANIC DESIGN】 Ultra Slim Case was designed to allow full functionality and access to all features of your MacBook. Easily access your USB-C type.
【PROTECTION WITHOUT THE BULK】 Due to the thickness of the case, it will feel like there isn't a case at all on your MacBook.
【CLEAR CASE】 Since the Ultra Slim Hard Case is clear, it does not hurt your MacBook's identity when applied. Clear type cases provide minimal protection.
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